Mike Dean (left) returns Edward Kuntz’s World War II memorabilia to Kuntz’s daughter, Debra Mysliviec.

Mike Dean has dedicated his life to supporting veterans, so it was hardly a surprise when his oldest daughter, Angela, presented him with a box of World War II medals and memorabilia as a Father’s Day gift in June.

She knew how much her father loves military history, so when the box was up for bid at an auction in Mooresville, Ind., she jumped at the chance to buy it for him.

But when Dean found a stamp with the name ‘Edward Kuntz’ on it in the box of memorabilia, a thoughtful Father’s Day gift turned into something much bigger.

“Even though there weren’t a lot of medals, it was still a veteran, it was still a person, it was still somebody that I had no knowledge of that I wanted to learn about,” said Dean, who works in NSWC Crane’s Expeditionary Systems Department.

Dean’s passion for military history and veteran support comes from his personal history with the armed forces. Dean served in the Marines, Navy and the Army, his father was a marine, his son was a member of the Coast Guard, his brother served in the Air Force, and his daughter served in the Army.

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NSWC Crane Pathways Intern Program Provides Pipeline for Future Employment


For Larynda Keith, the goal has always been clear – Earn a degree in business, then get a job at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane).

rsz_rsz_1keith_larynda-7-xlThrough NSWC Crane’s Pathways Intern Program, Keith has been able to work on both of those goals at the same time.

Keith, a senior at Indiana State University triple-majoring in finance, insurance and risk management, and business administration, has been a Pathways intern at NSWC Crane since May 2015, working within the Business and Financial Management Division.

“Honestly, I love it here,” Keith said. “I work with great people. They make sure that I’m gaining leadership experience. They want me to better myself, so they push me to be involved in projects, to lead projects, to network with others, attend meetings, and take advantage of all the available training opportunities.”

Keith grew up in Elnora, Ind., a small town just 18 miles west of NSWC Crane. Her father works at Crane, so she’s always been familiar with the base and the mission of those who work on it. When a family friend told her that internship applications had been released, she jumped at the opportunity immediately.

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