National SeaPerch Challenge a Success for Indiana Teams

The seventh annual National SeaPerch Challenge was held at Louisiana State University May 20-21, 2016. 194 teams from all over the world competed in the underwater robotics competition. Indiana SeaPerch sent 12 teams to the National Challenge.


Springville Valley SR SeaHawks Team placed first at SeaPerch Nationals.


The Springville Valley Senior High School SeaHawks team placed first in the nation. The Bloomfield Senior High BOSS team took home a first place finish in the Orbs Challenge with a perfect score. The St. John the Baptist Middle School Goats team also recieved a perfect score in the Orbs Challenge.


Bloomfield SR BOSS Team placed first in the Orbs Challenge.

The competition is comprised of three separate components – the obstacle challenge, the poster challenge and the orbs challenge. The obstacle challenge requires teams to navigate a course of hoops as quickly as possible. The orbs challenge required teams to use their robot to release balls from a contraption and navigate them to a bucket under water or to a holding pen. The poster challenge required students to present their “SeaPerch journey” via a poster – detailing their trials, errors, and wisdom gained through their build process. The top ten posters in each division (High School Stock, Middle School Stock and Open) earned the right to present their findings to a panel of judges.

Tina Closser and Brandy Frady served as volunteers at the National Challenge. Below are the results of the National Challenge for the Indiana SeaPerch teams. Every team did a remarkable job, bravo Zulu!

Division Team Name School National Ranking
Middle School Goats St. John the Baptist 6 (out of 92)
Middle School USS Redemption Mt. Vernon JH 10 (out of 92)
Middle School The ACES Bloomfield JH 17 (out of 92)
Middle School Bryces & Bracen Springs Valley JH 35 (out of 92)
Middle School Sea Monkeys Farmersville Elementary 37 (out of 92)
Middle School Shark Bait Oolitic JH 82 (out of 92)
High School SeaHawks Springs Valley SH 1 (out of 75)
High School Magical Mystery Boat Owen Valley SH 21 (out of 75)
High School Team America Springs Valley SH 60 (out of 75)
High School Taylormade Springs Valley SH 67 (out of 75)
Open TechnoVikes North Posey HS 4 (out of 27)
Open BOSS Bloomfield SH 9 (out of 27)

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