Crane’s Tank

Written By:  Ted B Markley

Crane has a tank. It is a 1950’s era Patton (M47) Tank and dominates the well groomed grassy mall just north of the Administration building. Its presence at that location symbolizes many things.

M47 Tank 3a.jpg

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Designated Veteran Parking Now Available at WestGate Academy


The unveiling of two parking spaces designated for wounded veterans was held during a ceremony at WestGate Academy on Thursday. The event, which was held in conjunction with Armed Forces Day and Military Appreciation Month, included the unveiling of one space specified for Purple Heart recipients and one space specified for wounded warriors.

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NSWC Crane Enters into Multi-University CRADA

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane (NSWC Crane) has entered into a multi-university Collaborative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Purdue University, Iowa State University and South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. The goal of this CRADA is to develop and characterize new pyrotechnic ingredients, formulations, additives and binders.

Dr. Eric Miklaszewski, NSWC Crane principal investigator, developed this collaborative agreement with well-known academic leaders in energetic material combustion including Steven Son of Purdue, Dr. Lori Groven of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and Travis Sippel of Iowa State University. Continue reading

NSWC Crane Military Leaders Visit Overseas Sites

Image1CAPT Elder, LT Lemmons and Senior Chief Wilkerson are touring overseas sites visiting NSWC Crane employees. This has provided them the opportunity to show appreciation and see the great work that our in-country personnel are performing to support the mission. The NSWC Crane military leaders have spent time with the MTRC crew witnessing first hand their operations working side-by-side and addressing issues and learning best practices. They have also participated in morning PT mountain climbs and getting time on the range at Camp Morehead Afghanistan.

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