Mentor of the Month: Stephen (Steve) Sorrells

Submitted by Mentee – Rick Grannan

160523-N-QI541-001Mr. Stephen (Steve) Sorrells (JXQR) is the May 2016 recipient of the NSWC Crane Mentor of the Month award! He was nominated by Mentee, Rick Grannan. His nomination states the following:

“Steve has worked at NSWC Crane for many years and has served in several of its disciplines. He has been a manager, a senior level logistician, and has an engineering degree. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Through his mentoring efforts, he positively influences our group when we have many challenges to overcome and he is always available to give guidance and support. On many occasions, Steve has been instrumental in creating a culture of support that has carried our group through new work efforts. Additionally, he has always promoted the can-do-attitude while supplying the critical knowledge to correctly accomplish the task.Because of his vast experience with logistics, Steve is also a valuable member in team meetings. He has coached many group members in processes that have saved NSWC Crane and the U.S. Navy time and money. His broad experience and training are always available to anyone who asks as well as to those who don’t.

Furthermore, Steve has a unique set of traits that have benefited everyone who he has worked with. The combination of his management, logistic, engineering, and technical backgrounds has made Steve one of the most valuable mentors I have had in my career. He has always made his knowledge and experience available to everyone and has always been welcoming to anyone who asks for his help. He is the kind of person who has made NSWC Crane as successful as it is.”

The purpose of the “Mentor of the Month” is to recognize those individuals at Crane that go above and beyond by sharing their professional knowledge and opening doors of opportunity for others.   If you would like to recognize your Mentor as the “Mentor of the Month”, please submit your nomination via e-mail to CRAN_MENTORING. You do not have to be in a formal Mentoring relationship in order to nominate your Mentor. All Mentoring relationships (both formal and informal) are important to an individual’s professional development, so all Mentors are eligible for the “Mentor of the Month” award.

The NSWC Crane Mentoring Program can have an invaluable impact on your career! If you are interested in establishing a formal Mentoring relationship or obtaining more information about the Crane Mentoring Program, please visit the NSWC Crane Mentoring SharePoint site.


One thought on “Mentor of the Month: Stephen (Steve) Sorrells

  1. Congratulations Steve! Well deserved!


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