NSWC Crane Offers Indiana Companies Business Opportunities

The Jasper Chamber of Commerce hosted Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division’s (NSWC Crane) 19th annual Indiana Expo Tuesday at French Lick Resort and Casino. The event offered companies opportunities to expand their business with government centers.


The “Buy Indiana” initiative began in 1997 with the goal of increasing NSWC Crane’s spending in the state. In the mid-1990s, about 11 to 12 percent of NSWC Crane’s total expenditures benefitted Hoosier businesses but now that percentage has more than doubled. The warfare center procured nearly $1 billion in products and services last fiscal year, with $250 million paid to Indiana small businesses.

Nearly 200 companies from 11 states participated in this year’s expo, where Crane representatives held workshops to educate vendors on conducting business with the federal government and connected interested parties with key Crane contacts. Jasper Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Erkerle noted that the expo allows for the establishment of partnerships between businesses and NSWC Crane. “Buy Indiana Expo is a very important event for businesses in attendance. This gives them an opportunity to meet Crane employees and make a connection. Additionally, it allows for businesses and Crane to understand the needs of one another. It’s a win-win for both,” she added.

The Buy Indiana Expo not only teaches companies about expanding their businesses into government contracting, but also allows NSWC Crane to find new and innovative products and services to support the United States military. “We want to continue finding both large and small businesses to partner with us to help provide the best equipment and technologies to the warfighter while also living up to our responsibility to the American public in the best way possible,” explained NSWC Crane Commanding Officer CAPT Jeffrey Elder.


NSWC Crane Deputy for Small Business Reggie Joslin, who will retire on April 29, has played an important role in the establishment and growth of the expo and was honored for his long-time service to the federal government during Tuesday’s event.


You are here today because of Reggie Joslin,” explained CAPT Elder. “He has served as Deputy for Small Business at NSWC Crane for 20 years, promoting acquisition opportunities where small businesses can best support the needs of our Sailors and Marines. Through policy, advocacy and training, he has fostered industry innovation and the acquisition of more than $3.7 billion in quality products, services and solutions from small business providers during his tenure as the Deputy for Small Business.”


For more information on the “Buy Indiana” initiative, contact NSWC Crane’s Small Business Office at 812-854-1542 or smallbusiness@navy.mil .



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