Mentor of the Month: Dawn Taylor

Ms. Dawn Taylor of the Acquisition Engineering & Logistics Branch is the February 2016 recipient of the NSWC Crane Mentor of the Month award! She was nominated by Mentee, Anna Cummings. Her nomination states the following:


Dawn Taylor receives Mentor of the Month award from Dr. Brett Seidle, Deputy Technical Director.

“Throughout my time learning from Dawn, I have been thoroughly impressed with the high level of capability she demonstrates for the tasks involved in effectively supporting the code with which she works and for mentoring and teaching me to perform the same tasks in my future as a production controller. Much of Dawn’s influence has been wordless, as she performs her daily tasks the way she always has and allows me to watch and learn from her. Not only is Dawn extremely dedicated to doing her own job well, she is quick to offer help to anyone who comes to her with questions and shows the same determination in pursuing answers for coworkers that she shows in her own endeavors. Her consideration for the “big picture” has fostered in me an interest in the complete process that increases my understanding of where our roles fit.

From the beginning, Dawn has taken a sincere interest in my growth and success for my own benefit and the benefit of the group. She has expressed an encouraging confidence in my capabilities and never hesitates to challenge me to apply my understanding and skills to a new project or task. She intentionally seeks out projects and tasks for me to do that will challenge me and keep me mentally engaged as well as provide valuable output for the group. Dawn has consistently shown trust and confidence in me that have never wavered. I quickly learned that her confidence in my ability isn’t conditional—when I make a mistake, she assures me that I’m not alone and then allows me more opportunities to practice rather than rescinding her trust. I have grown quickly and confidently in my understanding and ability under Dawn’s careful guidance, and she continually encourages me to pursue greater understanding and broader experiences. I could not be more appreciative of Dawn’s example and investment as my mentor in the production control group. It is certainly a privilege to work with and learn from such a hard-working and effective woman, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to witness her character and ability from a perspective no one else shares.”

The purpose of the “Mentor of the Month” is to recognize those individuals at Crane that go above and beyond by sharing their professional knowledge and opening doors of opportunity for others.   If you would like to recognize your Mentor as the “Mentor of the Month”, please submit your nomination via e-mail to CRAN_MENTORING. You do not have to be in a formal Mentoring relationship in order to nominate your Mentor. All Mentoring relationships (both formal and informal) are important to an individual’s professional development, so all Mentors are eligible for the “Mentor of the Month” award.

The NSWC Crane Mentoring Program can have an invaluable impact on your career!


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