Flight Systems Division Engineer Issued Patent

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division (NSWC Crane) Chief Engineer for Trusted Microelectronics Brett Hamilton was issued a patent on Jan. 26 for an invention developed to help the Department of Defense (DoD) identify counterfeit microelectronic parts.


Flight Systems Division engineers and scientists are developing technical solutions for ensuring authenticity in the microelectronic components so prevalent in modern weapon systems in order to prevent counterfeit parts from entering the DoD supply chain and degrading system performance or readiness. One such example is Hamilton’s recent patent titled “Fusion of Multiple Modalities for Determining a Unique Microelectronic Device Signature”.

Hamilton explained that current screening techniques rely on subject matter experts as there are many nuances in the counterfeiters’ methods and their tactics are constantly evolving. “Our plan is to populate a database with the results of multiple test modalities and develop analytic tools to aid in the device authentication process. Later this year an effort is starting with Indiana University to apply some of their advance informatics and image processing knowledge toward the problem. We are very excited as they have world-class skills in those areas,” he said, adding that the ultimate goal is to make it so difficult for the counterfeiters to get their products past the screening process that counterfeiting becomes unprofitable for them.

The anti-counterfeiting team in Flight Systems Division routinely works with law enforcement, industry and other government organizations in their effort to battle against unauthorized parts entering the supply chain.

This patented technology is an example of support provided to the warfighter by NSWC Crane’s Global Deterrence and Defense Department. The invention is assigned to the United States government and is available for licensing for commercial purposes. Licensing and technical inquiries may be directed to NSWC Crane’s Technology Transfer Office email at Cran_CTO@navy.mil.


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